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About Me

Director. dop. writer. 

I am a self-shooting director, producer and writer who is passionate about telling stories by exploring social and cultural themes through the medium of films, music videos and commercials. 

From the age of 13 onward I spent my time creating videos of everything around me, it began with skateboarding and music. I then grew an interest in exploring genres such as magical realism, science fiction, horror, comedy and more.

I believe that every story can teach us to be better people and understand worlds beyond ours. This is what makes us unique from everything else in the world. I apply this in every facet of my work as a creator so that I can continue to explore my passion for storytelling. 

I can speak and write in three languages. English, Spanish and french. I come from a multicultural back ground and identify as a Latin american for the most part. being from lots of places can be confusing. you'll have to ask me about that as i am afraid it would be a bit too much to write on here. That is also a topic in enjoy tackling in my work. 


Above you'll notice a few cool things I achieved with my short film "the fit" 

I did get more laurels for the short but these were the ones I was most proud of. 

However what made this film truley great was all those who donated to the crowdfund to make it happen. 

I also recently got a little special mention from the London international monthly film festival for my most recent short script "dirty Sheets" which I hope to make in 2023 via crowdfunding and a grant. 

If you're interested in knowing more about this project feel free email me about it. 

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